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Why I Love Being A Book Blogger

Being a book blogger is one of the most satisfying things I’ve done outside of being a mom. So, I wrote this post to tell you all why this is so. I hope you enjoy it.

The satisfaction of helping indie authors gain visibility

Once Upon a Time Writer

Most of the books I read and review are from independently published authors. I get to read books that don’t get a lot of publicity from the mainstream book community. This reading means that I am helping authors get their stories out there in my own small way. Every bit helps the author get noticed and gain readers. 

The book blogging community

Belonging to the book blogging community makes me feel like I belong. Book bloggers are a special breed of good people. The friends I have made are a lifeline to me on days when I feel inadequate and overwhelmed. Knowing that I have a group of bookish friends at my fingertips helps me engage with the world.

Stepping out of my genre comfort zone

Before I started my book blog, I rarely read any new books. I turned to old favorites time and again. When I received my first review request, my whole life changed. I now read books from every genre. As an example, I never cared for science fiction. Yet, when an author approached me about reading a space opera trilogy, I found that I loved the series.

The feeling of being productive

Being a person with mental health issues, working outside the home is not always possible. So, I have struggled with my place in the world, feeling that I am not a contributing member of society. With blogging, I finally feel like I have a place. I may not make much money doing this job, but I am still helping others. For me, this is incredibly important.

The opportunity to share my opinions

I am quite opinionated. In my life away from the internet, this quality is not always a good thing. However, when people read my reviews, my opinions are helping to find the next adventure. That feeling is extraordinary.

12 thoughts on “Why I Love Being A Book Blogger”

  1. All of these are so spot on, I love it! I love bringing attention of indie books and the book community (both the reading and writing) are just amazing and so true about being productive. Being in school all my life, graduating after my undergraduate and never again having to write another essay just felt so odd. Work is work, but I missed typing out long opinion pieces and miss English & Lit class so having a platform to just blab about a book makes me so happy.

    Great post~

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